Sleek | Modern | Simple

After an exhaustive two year, nationwide search we finally have our new booth!

We are a photography company first and a photo booth company second.

If our logo is going to be attached to anything it better darn well meet our photographic standards. The issue that I found with most units on the market is the light quality.

Traditionally photo booths are lit using a bare bulb fired through clear Plexiglass. While this definitely does the job it doesn't produce the same softness that an umbrella or softbox would.

It's the same reason why you'd never see a professional photographer using a pop up flash. The light is harsh and exaggerates oils/sweat on skin.

We believe that a photo/video booth should not only leave your guests with a professional grade print/picture quality but an experience like no other.

Our open air/modern concept allows for groups of 1-15 people. Still images/video are taken using high-quality studio lighting.

Unlimited 4x6 prints are made available immediately. Film strip option also included (Bride Keeps 1/ Guest keeps 1).

Why just give your attendees prints when you can share your experience on social media instantly! The booth supports Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, and SMS text messaging. An attendant can guide your guests through the process of uploading their image/video.

Inquire for more details!